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DIY Spring Door Wreath

Today we'll create a bright spring wreath using sisal and decorative ribbons. Use our festive door wreath ideas and give your home a spring mood!

We’ll need:

  • scrapbooking paper;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • sisal;
  • wreath base;
  • craft wire;
  • double sided tape.

Begin by decorating the woven twig wreath base with sisal. We’ve chosen juicy green color like spring grass. We’ll need craft wire.

Place the sisal around the base.

Fix with the craft wire in several places.

Add a few different color ribbons winding the base to mark the top wreath center.

Prepare decorative elements. We have cut out a cardboard leaf stencil.

Trace it. Make as many leaves as you can place on the cardboard.

Cut out.

Now trace the leaf on the back side of scrapbooking paper. You can buy two sided paper in a supply shop to save time.

Stick a wide double sided tape across the edge.

Remove a protecting cover. Attach the leaves to the tape. Cut out.

Pierce the end of a leaf with a needle.

Thread the craft wire and twist the ends.

When all leaves are ready decorate the wreath.

Pass the pin through the base and secure on the back side.

Now you should add the ribbon to hang the wreath.

Form a bow using the ribbon ends. Make a loop, and fix it with the craft wire.

Do the same on the other side.

You’ve made a stylish festive bow. Cut out he ribbon ends.

The festive door wreath will bring a bit of spring mood to your home.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom