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DIY Decorative Woven Basket From Paper Tubes

How to make DIY woven basket. In this tutorial we'll show you how to weave a festive basket from paper tubes. This woven paper basket can become a nice gift or an excellent decor element!

We’ll need:

  • protecting cover;
  • newspapers;
  • knitting needle, size 4, length 15 inches;
  • craft knife;
  • white glue;
  • scissors;
  • two clothes pegs;
  • flat brush;
  • water;
  • white water-based paint;
  • red and blue gouache (or water-based color); 
  • transparent acrylic lacquer;
  • decorative acrylic pearl paint.

Make tubes from newspaper. Cut a folded paper spread into eight parts.

Add a thin line of white glue across the edge.

Roll a tube starting with a corner. Use a knitting needle. Remove the needle.

We’ll need a couple of dozens details.

Place three tubes horizontally, cross them with the other three.

Join two glued tube ends by putting one inside the other.

Wrap the folded long tube around the three verticals.

Cross the tubes changing the top and the bottom ones.

Wrap three horizontal tubes and cross again.

Weave the basket bottom clockwise. Place the layers tight.

Make the tubes longer as far as needed.

Continue weaving around until you have two complete layers.

Start the third layer by putting one tube from the three. Weave it around. Continue in the same way.

Then split the two weaving around each one.

Secure the weaving. Glue the tube to the last layer stand.

Tuck the end inside. Cut out the excess.

To continue weaving make longer twelve stand tubes using glue.

Make a frame for basket walls. Wrap the last bottom tube around the next one and turn it upright.

Continue in the same way until the layer end. Wrap the last stand around the first one.

Turn all the tubes upright.

Now you can make the walls.

Weave clockwise like the bottom.

Make 10 layers. Keep the stands upright. Shape the basket.

To decorate the top stick additional tube next to each stand.

Tuck it not too deep and don’t let it stick up onto the front side.

Glue the ends of the weaving tubes.

Start braiding. Take a pair of stands, bend it to the right. Continue in the same way.

When the round is complete bend the last stand pair outside passing it under the first curved pair.

All bend stands should be directed outside.

Take a tube pair and wind around the next right one and turn it up.

Complete the layer, wind the last pair under the first one. Shape the basket.

Take a tube pair and tuck it into the nearest loop inside the basket.

Continue in the same way. Shape the basket. Cut out the excess ends not too short.

Tuck handle stands using a needle.

Glue two stands into one loop and two more into the other.

Make the same on the other side.

Bend the stands to the opposite sides to form an arch. Secure with a peg.

Make a long tube. Wrap the handle tight from the middle downwards.

Cut the ends for off the attachment point.

Wrap two stand pairs around crossing the tube between the pairs.

Glue and tuck the tube end.

Weave another side in the same way.

Now cover the basket with paint. Prepare the ground. Mix white glue, water-based paint and water in equal proportion. Add the color you want.

Cover the ground using a flat stiff bristle brush.

When the ground is dry cover the basket with two coats of acrylic lacquer.

Let it dry. Touch the raised parts with the pearl color taking little paint onto the brush.

Touch the braid with the pearl as well. Add the paint to the handle. Let dry.

The festive basket from paper tubes is ready. It can become a nice gift or decorate your interior.

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