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DIY Easter Tree

This time we'll show you a great decoration idea of making lovely homemade tree with eggs and a butterfly. This bright handmade Easter tree will become a perfect decor element!

In our project we’ll show how to make a lovely Easter tree decorated with eggs and a butterfly.

Let’s start with the ceramic pot decoration.

Attach cotton twine near the bottom using a hot glue gun.

Be careful to stick the bottom coil thoroughly.

Wind further coils tight. Hot glue the twine.

The pot is ready.

Let’s “plant” the tree.

Fix two pieces of wire to the stick making “roots” to hold the tree tight inside the pot.

Bend the ends to fit the pot size.

Put the plastic pocket inside to cover the bottom hole.

Place the stick inside.

Put claydite or small stones into the pot.

Add some water to the plaster of Paris.

Stir well to the milkshake consistency.

Pour into the pot up to  off the edges.

Now make the crown using newspapers.

Crumple the paper. Put it on top the trunk.

Wrap with another newspaper starting from the bottom to shape an egg.

Wind around with thread. Add some more layers until you get the proper shape.

Attach the foliage from the grass-green sisal in several fragments using the hot glue gun.

The crown is ready.

Make the sisal grass in the pot.

Decorate the tree with Easter eggs. Let’s needle-felt them. Pull up small tufts of light green wool. Fan up well.

Roll a ball-shaped egg between your hands.

Pierce an egg half with a fine needle on a felting sponge. Keep in mind to roll the detail from time to time to get the proper shape.

Make two other egg halves in the same way. Let them be blue and yellow.

Let’s make a felted wool butterfly. Cut out a plastic wing pattern.

Add a couple of liquid soap drops into a dispenser filled with water. Shake well.

Pull up thin wool tufts of different colors.

Don’t mix the colors and don’t fan the wool this time.

Wrap around the pattern.

Add some rove if needed.

Place the wing onto the bubble wrap.

Add some soapy water from the dispenser.

Cover with the bubble wrap to sandwich the wing and rub carefully around.

When the detail shrinks and shapes the pattern, cut it out carefully across the edge using scissors.

Don’t cut out here. Open up the butterfly wings.

Correct the shape with your fingers.

Now rinse the butterfly in water and dry.

Felt the body. Make a thin roll from the blue wool. Place in the center.

Bend in half shaping the body.

Sew down imitating the body segments.

Fold the long top end in half.

Tack with the fine needle to make the head.

Stitch the last segment.

Make the antenna from the thread.

Tie knots at the ends.

The butterfly is ready.

Assemble the composition.

Attach the eggs on the grass.

Stick the butterfly to the crown.

The festive Easter tree will perfectly decorate a holiday table or become a part of your interior design.

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