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DIY Giant Eggshell Easter Centerpieces

In this tutorial we'll craft a giant eggshel candel holder. We hope that this gorgeous plaster candel holder will become a bright spring decoration for your design ideas!

We’ll need:

  • plaster of Paris;
  • bowl for mixing;
  • water;
  • gauze bandage roll;
  • round balloons;
  • scissors;
  • inflate the balloons.

Cut the bandage into small pieces.

The plaster dries fast, that’s why mix it with water by small portions. Stir well.

You should get a milkshake consistency.

Put some bandage pieces into the mixture to soak well.

Follow the paper mache method. Place dry bandage on the balloon and cover it with the plaster mixture. Use a hard bristle brush to make it easy.

Attach soaked bandage on top.

Cover about two thirds of the balloon surface to imitate a very big cracked egg.

It takes several hours for the plaster to dry.

We can continue.

And now the most exciting moment: Boom! Cool!

We’ve got an empty eggshell-shaped bowl.

Let’s color it inside with acrylic paint

Add a bit of gold to make candle light glitter on the walls.

Put candles inside and use these gorgeous giant eggshells as spring decorations and Easter centerpieces. 

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom