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How to Make a Burlap Wreath

How to make a DIY burlap wreath. In this tutorial we will show you how to create a burlap wreath with reusable materials you have around the house. This wonderful eco wreath took an hour to make and cost only a few dollars.

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

For making a burlap wreath we’ll need a base. We’ve decided to use the least possible number of from-the-shop supplies. So, we’ll make one from the cardboard box.

Depending on how big a wreath you want, trace the circle of the needed diameter. We’re using a hand-made compass. Just tie a string around the short pencil or a crayon.

Find the center and draw a circle. Now the inner circle.

Cut out the wreath base pattern. If the carton you have isn’t hard enough, cut out two patterns and stack them together.

Mark the slots through which we’re going to pull the linen strips. Herring bone pattern will give perfect shape and volume.

Punch the cardboard for a more convenient cutting out.

Now cut open the slots with scissors.

The wreath base is ready.

Cut the linen into strips 4-6 inches wide.

The linen we’ve bought from the shop has contrasting sides, which is really  advantageous for our project. You might also upcycle a stained linen tablecloth or denim shirt.

Half fold the end of the burlap ribbon. Pull the loop through the slot.

Help with scissors or any other blunt narrow object.

Here’s the top of the loop. Pull it out carefully. You want to have both ends of the ribbon on the backside.

Shape the poof. We’re going to fill the whole wreath surface with loose loops like this.

Place the next loop at the side, covering the cardboard wreath base. The wreath is going to look neatly from both the face and the back sides.

Arrange the loops as you go. Fix with the hot glue gun.

Keep going all along the wreath frame.

Decorate the wreath with scrap roses. Hot glue nestling them slightly in between the loops.

Find the how-to for egg box flowers in one of our previous tutorials.

We’ve left the natural colour of the egg carton as it perfectly complements the linen. For elegant finishing, embellish the inside of the flower with a faux pearl bead.

Now we’re going to tie in an accent colour and texture with an olive satin ribbon bow.

Take a 12 inches piece and fold it. Hot glue the ends in the center.

Before fixing the bow, hot glue the tails.

Now bow loops.

Tie an ordinary loose bow. And fix it over the base loops.

Use a cut of ribbon to make a neat central loop. 4 inches will be enough. Hot glue one end to the base face side down.

Cover the knot of the bow.

This amazing burlap wreath took only an hour to make and cost 3 dollars.

Materials we used for this project:

  • shoe box/home appliances cardboard;
  • 20 inches patch of linen;
  • scissors;
  • hand-made egg box scrap flowers;
  • burlap ribbon;
  • hand-made compass;
  • hot glue gun.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom