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DIY Tissue Paper Pompom Wreath

How to make tissue paper wreath. In this tutorial we will show how to craft a paper pompom wreath. This stylish festive DIY wreath with tissue pompoms and cardboard stars will brightly embellish your home for a party.

We have prepared a cardboard base. You can find a step by step instruction for it in one of our previous tutorials.

We also need:

  • a hole puncher;
  • decorative ribbon;
  • handmade paper pompoms;
  • cardboard stars.

Begin by making holes across the inner and outer edges of the base using a puncher.

Cardboard stars will become the accents of the installation. Thread them on a craft wire.

Twist the ends. Length of the pin depends on the pompoms size.

The pompoms are made of tissue paper that is thin and can be torn easily. That’s why we’ll decorate the wreath in the opposite way: the cardboard stars accents go first following by the pompons basic elements.

Define the proper pin length and twist the wire end.

Find a place for another star. Add a pompom. Perfect! Fix it to the base.

Secure the pompoms in the same way. Pass the wire ends through the holes and twist them on the back side of the wreath base.

To make the installation look volumetric alternate the pompoms of different color and size.

Tie a decorative ribbon.

Cut out the ends. To make a neat V-cut, fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle.

Add several pompoms more.

Done! The festive wreath with tissue pompoms and cardboard stars will become a perfect decoration for a Birthday party.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom