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DIY Dried Flower and Fruit Wreath

How to make DIY dried flower and fruit wreath. In our new tutorial we are going to craft an easy and very cute wreath for the front door from cheap ordinary materials – dried flowers, orange slices and ribbons. Enjoy this decorative wreath craft with us!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

First we’ll make a stiff wreath base from the paper sticks.

Take a sheet of office paper and cut it lengthwise into three strips, glue along the edge of the strip.

To make a paper stick we’ll need a size 1 knitting needle. Roll up the strip, starting with the corner. Make sure you keep it tight.

Firmly press the edge of the paper stick so that it doesn’t unravel. Remove the knitting needle from the tube.

For the wreath we’ll need a bunch of around 15-20 tubes made from office paper.

Now let’s make some sticks from newspaper – it’s more pliant and will make it easier to weave around the wreath base.

Fold the newspaper sheet and cut it in eight pieces, glue all along the outer edge paper strip.

Roll the strip up the size 4 knitting needle. Again, start with the corner. Press the end, and remove the knitting needle.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the paper strips till you have around a couple of dozens of paper sticks.


Start weaving .Take an office paper stick and press its narrow end.

Stick it into the other tube and glue fix, slightly twisting it in.

Arch the tube to form a circle around 25cm in diameter.

We’ve made three twists with office paper sticks and fixed them with pegs.

Now lengthen the office paper tube with the newspaper one. Glue and stick it in.

Start weaving over the base. Make sure you coil the sticks tightly, leaving around 10 cm in between.

Keep weaving over the wreath base till you get the wanted size. In our case it’s around 5cm.

Once you have the wreath of the wanted size, glue the end of the paper stick and tuck it in between the rows.

Next, spray paint all over the wreath.

Once the paint dries out, we can start decorating the wreath with the ribbon.

Glue one edge of the ribbon onto the back of the wreath.

It’s better to lay out the ribbon in loose coils, going in the same direction as the paper stick twists.

Now run the contrasting narrow ribbon over the base one.

For the décor we have some slices of orange / dried in the microwave. To make those, you need to bake 0,7cm thick round slices of fresh orange/ for 8-9 min / in the 900watt microwave. This way the orange slices will keep their beautiful color.

Glue the dried orange slices all along the wreath. 6 slices will be enough.

Now accessorize the wreath with faux gold beads.

Dried flowers of purple color make a perfect match with the orange slices.

Hot glue around 6 stems arranging them evenly on the wreath.

Decorate with a layered bow made of a golden ribbon.

Hot glue the smallest bow on the top. Fix the decoration.

Time for the wreath loop. A long ribbon will do just fine.


Our woven wreath decorated with dried fruits and flowers is ready to create a festive mood at your home.

Materials we used for this project:

  • newspapers and office paper;
  • knitting needles size 2,5 and 3,5 ΠΌΠΌ;
  • stationary knife;
  • PVA glue;
  • gold spray paint;
  • gold organdy ribbon;
  • dried orange slices;
  • seed pods and dried flowers;
  • decorative beads;
  • a hot glue gun.

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom