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DIY Grapevine and Laurel Door Wreath

How to make DIY grapevine and laurel wreath Here we’ll share some budget handmade wreath ideas. We are going to make an easy and beautiful door wreath – an ideal festive grape vine decoration. Happy creating!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

We’ve untangled the vine twigs and removed the leaves. The length and number depends on how big and how thick you want your wreath to be.

Keep the wire and cutters at hand.

Slide the upper vines down slightly. We want the ends of the twigs to form a cascade. This way the ends of the bundle will form an even circle when overlap.

Cut off a 4-6 inches piece of wire and secure the bunch. This way we’re also marking the top of the wreath-to-be.

Bend the bundle to form a circle. Secure with a piece of wire at the same place.

Tuck the loose ends in. This will also give some extra stiffness and securing to the wreath. Some drier twigs might break as you go. It’s Ok.

We want our wreath to have a bit messy, wind-blown look, so we’ll leave some vines loose.

You might wind around the bundle with a long flexible strand of vine for a neater and tighter finishing.

Now we’re going to give our grapevine wreath festive look. Arrange the herbs before securing.

Dab some hot glue on the stem and tuck it in between the vines.

Here’s another way to secure the stems to the wreath. Tie a 6-8 inches of wire around the end of the stalk.

and thread through in between the vines.

Knot the wire ends on the back side of the wreath. Trim with the cutter.

Now time to style up our wreath. Tie two or three contrasting ribbons for a hanging loop.

And the last decorative step – a bow.

We’ve opted for a beautiful blueberry shade of a base ribbon. Cut around 6,5 feet.

Layer the ribbons. Secure the ribbons in the center with a piece of wire.

Fold the ribbons back to form a loop. Secure with two-three wire twists and the second loop.

The finishing touch – a central loop. Just wrap a piece of base ribbon around, and tie a knot at the back of the bow.

Trim the ends. The bow is ready.

Hot glue it to the wreath top.

Trim the ends of the ribbon tails at an angle.

The wreath like this is s gorgeous and really easy to make on-a-budget home décor item. You can make tiny grapevine wreaths for napkin holders to complement your rustic festive home look.

Materials we used for this project:

  • a bunch of wild rosemary;
  • laurel twigs – fresh and fragrant;
  • a stem of hyacinth beanvine;
  • wild grape vine prunings;
  • a range of ribbons of contrasting colors and textures;
  • craft or floral wire;
  • cutters;
  • a hot glue gun.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom