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DIY Woven Paper Basket

How to make woven paper basket. In today's tutorial we'll craft a beautiful paper basket by yourself. This festive DIY basket decorated with white ribbon will perfectly embellish the interior of your kitchen, terrace of sitting room!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Let’s make paper tubes first.  We’ll need a protecting cover mat, used office paper, a knitting needle, size 2, white glue and a craft knife.

Fold and cut out a paper sheet into three parts. Use a craft knife. Add a line of glue across the edge.

Roll the paper on the needle starting with a corner. Remove the needle.

Prepare 16 tubes in this way.

Now join two tubes by twisting a glued end of one into the other. Follow this way to get 8 extended elements which we'll further call the “framed stands” or just “stands”.

We use thick office paper for the frame to make the basket keep shape. We’ll use softer newspaper to make tubes for weaving. The newspaper tubes are rolled in the same way, just use a size 4 needle.

Place the frame stands in pairs to shape a woven square of an inch side in the center.

Further use the newspaper tubes. Make an extended element from two tubes.

Fold in half, wind around the upper pair and start to weave clockwise.

Place the weaving to the square tight to look neat.

Make the tubes longer as far as needed.

Split the pairs after the second row and weave around each stand individually.

Glue the tubes after the forth row and fasten the weaving around the stand. Cut out the excess.

Wind the last stand of the forth row around the next right one and bend upright.

Continue sticking up the frame tubes counterclockwise.

Pass the last stand through the loop and bend upright.

Be sure the frame widens upward.

Weave the walls. Fasten the weaving next to the stand at the end of the sixth row.  

Cut out the excess.

Bend the last stand of the row to shape one inch high arc.

Leave and cut out at an angle.

Glue the end and tuck it into the weaving next to the closest stand. Use a needle.

Continue in this way. Be careful to bend the arcs of the same size.

Tuck the last stand into the weaving near the first tube of the row.

Now we need to cover the basket with the ground. Make it by mixing white glue, white water-based paint and water in equal proportions.

Add the blue color. Paint all sides thoroughly. Let dry.

Now cover the basket with acrylic finish. Follow the instruction on the wrap of how to use it.

The surface darkens a bit because of the finish that makes the color brighter and more saturated.

If you apply a double coat, you’ll be able to wash up the craft carefully.

Embellish the basket with a white satin ribbon. Pass it through the arcs. Be sure the ribbon is smooth and not twisted. Tie a bow.

Cut out the excess and fray check the ends with a lighter.

This festive woven paper basket decorated with white ribbon will perfectly embellish the interior of your kitchen, terrace of sitting room.

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