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5 DIY Weird Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Today we'll present 5 cool ways to make your bathroom fabulous! These smart ideas of candy shaped bathroom decor will help you to change old boring accessories into new stuff. 

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Do you want to decorate your bathroom for a holiday? What about a chewing gum toilet paper holder? Why not!

Take out all wipes from the box.

Mark the slit. Cut it out with a craft knife.

Open the box from the other side.

Trace the top on white paper. Cut it out.

Attach to the bottom.

Cover the box with white acrylic paint

We’ll imitate the Wrigley’s Doublemint package. Better get a pack of chewing gum at hand or an image before your eyes. You can find it in the internet.

Outline an arrow. Draw two lines to make a shaft. Add a head.

Make another head on the other end.

Write the brand name. You can print out the logo instead.

Paint the box green. It’ll be the background. Leave the arrow white.

Cover the sides with the basic color.

Add a dark red detail. Paint the arrow deep green.

Be careful to leave the letters white.

The base is ready. Let’s add some details.

Paint little red arrows on the sides.

Repeat for the other side.

Add the lettering on top and bottom of the central arrow. Use a red pen.

Mention the pieces quantity with the black pen. Write it on the same place it’s on the original pack.

That’s enough of painting. Now the package is just like the giant chewing gum.

Attach double-sided mounting tape to the bottom.

Fasten the holder on the wall. Put in toilet paper. Secure the top with a pushpin.

Pass the paper through the bottom slit. It’s unusual and cheap.

Do you like marshmallow? Make the candy-shaped garland to light the mirror.

We’ve got a LED tube package. Cut out a piece of about 3 inches to make a lampshade.

Tape it in a spiral. Paint it pink.

Remove the tape.

Make the necessary quantity.

Take a LED garland. It won’t heat.

Pass it through the lampshades.

Hang the garland around the mirror. A number of cute marshmallows will decorate your bathroom and give extra light.

We’ll turn a blank toothbrush cup into a funny M&M’s holder.

Let’s get started with covering it white.

When dry apply the basic paint. Make it sunny yellow.

Sketch the main character – Yellow. Draw an egg shape.

Add eyes. And a smile. And expressive eye brows.

Draw the main feature, the letter m.

Paint the eyes and letter white.

Define the details with a black marker. Start with the eyes. Draw a pupil.

Leave the white reflection of light. Repeat for the other eye.

Add a smile. The lovely Yellow will smile at you every morning. It won’t take long to make it. But if you find it difficult, use a sticker or print out the image.

Make 3D candies on the bottom. Use the hot glue.

Squeeze button shaped drops.

Paint them in different colors. 

Paint the letter m on each candy. Use a thin brush or a correction pen like we did in the previous video.

Wow! It’s cool!

The happy Yellow will cheer you up each time you need to brush your teeth.

Let’s make a couple of extra towel hooks. Let them look like giant stick candies.

Take a garden hose. Cut it out in half.

Use thick aluminum wire as the base.

Cut out the needed length.

Put it in the hose.

Paint it yellow. If you can still see the original hose color, paint it again.

We’ll need a masking tape. Attach it in a spiral.

Paint it pink. Remove the tape when dry.

We’ve got two pieces.

Hot glue the hole.

Paint it pink.

Bend the stick. The wire inside will make it easy. Shape a big hook.

Repeat for the other end.

The awesome hanging towel hooks look like giant stick candies.

Hang them on your towel rack to get an extra towel or bathrobe holder.

A chocolate bar organizer for cotton pads and Q-tips is just what you need in your bathroom.

Take a plastic lunch box.

If there’s a picture on, remove it. We know the way to make it easy.

Use a hairdryer. Heat the top.

Wow! We’re peeling it away quickly and easily.   

Paint the box in a dark chocolate color.

Let it dry wide open.

Paint the inside.

We’ll make the chocolate bar from air drying clay. We’ve made it in the candy style school supplies video. Knead the clay in your hands.

Roll it up flat. Place the box top down and press over. We’ve got the top imprinted.

Cut it out with the craft knife.

Place the clay bar on the box top. 

Make it checked. Split it into three parts across the short side.

Press with the ruler edge to make a notch.

Separate the long side into four parts.

Press it over with the ruler.

Hot glue the bar.

Make it chocolate like. Paint it dark brown.

Put any small stuff you need in this tempting chocolate box.

It’s an easy non-standard way to change your old boring accessories into new stuff. It’ll take you a little time and patience to make some items like the chewing gum holder or chocolate organizer. The others demand little efforts to get the wow effect like the towel cupcake. Make your bathroom fabulous.

Materials we used for this project: 
  • Paper; 
  • Cardboard wipe box;
  • Pencil;
  • Scissors;
  • Craft knife;
  • Ruler; 
  • Red and black pen;
  • Double-sided mounting tape;
  • Pushpin;
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Brush;
  • LED tube package;
  • Masking tape;
  • LED garland;
  • Correction pen;
  • Garden hose;
  • Aluminum wire;
  • Plastic lunch box;
  • Hairdryer;
  • Air-drying clay.

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