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DIY Vinyl Record Wall Clock in Decoupage Technique

How to make DIY vinyl record wall clock in decoupage technique. This fashion DIY vinyl record wall clock will become an exclusive interior decoration!

Today we'll show how to use old vinyl record for making a decorative wall clock. 

Begin by working with the vinyl. You can buy it on a flea market or in a special shop.

Add some water to the central paper circle and remove it.

Take a fine sandpaper to smooth the surface to get an even paint coat.

Cover with a ground coat.

When the first layer is dry, add another one to cover the black vinyl. Let it dry.

Start decoupage. Choose a napkin with a picture of a nice house. Cut out the image.

Remove the excess layers leaving the top one with the picture.

Cover the surface with white glue.

Attach the napkin moving from the center to the edges.

Coat with glue using a soft brush. Let it dry.

Cut out the excess adding half an inch extra napkin around the edges.

Glue the edges onto the back side.

Make the background to correspond the picture colors. Use gouache.

Paint the sky in dots.

The gouache becomes lighter when it dries. Don’t be afraid, it will return to the original color.

Cover the picture surface with transparent lacquer. Add several coats until the napkin edges become nearly even with the vinyl surface.

Smooth the clock using a fine sandpaper.

Cover the finishing lacquer coat. Let dry.

Add numerals. Use a compasses.

Divide the circle into four equal parts. Use a ruler. The numeral twelve should be placed on top over the house.

Make Rome numerals from a thin black ribbon.

Cut a piece equal to the numeral height. Fray check the edges.

Attach with white glue.

Make other numeral elements in the same way.

Now we need a clockwork with hands. You can remove it from an old clock.

Carefully put it into the central hole on the back side. Make the hole bigger using a knife if needed.

Fix the clockwork with a screw nut on the front side. Put on the hands.

Attach a metal ring on a piece of ribbon on the back side behind the numeral twelve. Use a hot glue gun.

This exclusive accessory will become a wonderful interior decoration.

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