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DIY Vase Decor

How to decorate a bottle. In this tutorial we'll craft a beautiful decorating idea using an ordinary bottle, old newspapers and a cute thread butterfly. This awesome DIY woven vase will become a fresh element of your interior design!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Lay a protecting cover mat. Cut out a newspaper into 8 parts.

Add some glue across the edge. Roll up the paper around a needle starting with a corner.

Make a couple of dozens same tubes.

Now take four tubes that we’ll further call “stands” of “frame tubes”.

Weave them to form a side square in the center. It will be a frame.

Take two tubes to make a long weaving one.

Press the sharp end and fold along. Add some glue.

Put inside the other tube twisting a little.

Bend the long tube in half. Wind it around a stand.

Weave around the next frame tube.

Continue weaving clockwise.

Make tubes longer as far as needed.

The woven circle should cover the bottom of the bottle.

Complete the weaving and fasten the tubes around a stand. Glue the ends.

Now let’s weave around the bottle. Wind the last stand of the row around the next right one and turn upright.

Continue bending the frame tubes until all of them stand upright.

Tuck the last stand into the first loop.

Extend the frame tubes.

Weave the stands with a long tube folded in half.

When the bottle contracts, follow the shape and shrink the weaving. Gradually reduce the interval between the stands.

Secure the weaving on top.

Turn the last stand to the right. And downwards.

Snip off the end. Add some glue.

Tuck into a weaving near the next stand.

Finish weaving the edge in the same way.

Let’s paint the vase. Mix equal portions of water, white water-based paint and white glue.

Covering with this mixture will let us omit ground coat.

Add some gouache and mix well. We’ve got a soft shade of lavender-lilac.

Paint with a brush. Let dry and add another coat if necessary.

Let’s cover the bottleneck. Hot glue light thread.

Wind around tight. Add hot glue as far as needed.

Cover the neck up to the top.

Make an embellishment. Thread a small bead. Add a big one. Tie a knot at the end.

Now put on two small beads, a big one and a small one again. Tie a knot on the other end.

Divide the beads in half and pull up to the knots.

Tie the embellishment on the bottleneck.

Attach a white thread butterfly to the knot. You can learn how to make the butterfly in our previous tutorial.

The awesome vase with a stunning butterfly will become a fresh element of your interior design.

Materials we used for this project:  
  • old newspapers;
  • knitting needle, size 4;
  • bottle;
  • gouache of red, blue and white colors;
  • white water-based paint;
  • thick cotton thread;
  • white glue;
  • big and small wooden beads of different colors;
  • decorative  white thread butterfly;
  • craft knife;
  • hot glue gun.

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