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DIY Throw Pillows

This time we'll craft an unusual woven pillows from pipe insulation. Our beautiful DIY decor elements will splash new colors to your interior design!

We’ll need:

  • pipe insulation of long;
  • foam rubber;
  • circular knitted fabric;
  • thick yarn.

Plumb bob, something small and heavy. Hot glue the end of yarn to a plumb bob.

Pass it through insulation.

Hold the tube vertically to let the bob fall down.

Pull the end of the yarn out of the tube on the other side.

Tie a knot on foam rubber, fold the end and wrap the yarn around.

Pass the foam rubber through the insulation.

Just pull up the other end of the yarn.

Make a circular fabric strip of 10 inches wide.

Cut out one side. If you failed to find circular knitting fabric, seam several strips together.

Unfold the cloth. Place the tube across the length.

Sew down the fabric edge to the insulation along the tube.

Wrap the pipe tightly, fold the fabric edge inside and seam across the tube length.

Cut out the end of the foam rubber and the excess cloth.

Repeat for the other side.

Make another same tube.

We should join the two details. Roll up the fabric edges.

Hot glue the foam rubber and insulation.

Now join the fabric. Roll it down.

Fold the edge inside. Seam around.

Let’s tie a Carrick Bend Mat knot. Shape the first loop.

Make another one next to it to form a heart shape.

Place another loop on top to resemble a trefoil.

Put the loose end here.

Then here.

Form the last forth loop and repeat from the beginning.

Double the first loop. Then the second.

The third. And the forth.

Return the tube to the other side to meet the end. Now we should join them.

Hot glue the insulation and foam rubber.

Be careful, don’t get burnt with the hot glue. Use scissors to help tuck the material.

Now join the fabric edges.

Fold the upper edge inside. Stitch around.

Awesome woven throw pillow  is ready.

Make another pink one and two stunning details will splash new colors to your interior design. 

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom