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DIY Popcorn Phone Docking Station

In this video we'll show you how to make an unusual charging station for your smartphone. This accessory becomes decoration  of your desk and will lift you up when you use it.

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Take A3 cardboard of a warm yellow tint.

We’ve got a power bank to be placed inside the holder.

Mark off the charger dimensions on the cardboard.

We’ve defined the holder bottom size. Now let’s draw a popcorn box template which you can find in the video description.

Place the cutout on thick felt.

Make a small cut and fold the fabric to wrap the cardboard. Fasten the felt with hot glue.

Continue covering the template with the felt. Make cuts when necessary to avoid crumples.

We’ve got this felted detail.

Use a ruler to fold the box across the lines. Fold up all the protruding parts inside.

Hot glue the box.

Here it is! We’ve made a lovely popcorn box. Decorate it with white and red felt strips to make it more realistic. Attach the strips in equal intervals.

The top of the holder should be stiff, so take thick cardboard.

Trace the box to define the size.

Cut out the top making its corners round.

The detail should fit the box.

Place some filler onto the white felt, cover with the top and wrap in the fabric.

Make a long cut on the cardboard top. Shape a slot to fit your smart- or iphone.

Repeat the slot on the other side.

Sew down pulling up the felt to wrap the slot in the fabric.

Well done! Let’s check if it holds the phone.

Cover the back with the felt. Keep in mind the slot.

Put the top in the box. It fits perfect!

Now the most interesting step. We’ll make cotton wool popcorn.

Roll up a piece of cotton wool between your hands to get a soft ball like shape. Add some color for a natural look.

Add tiny pieces of yellow and brown felt to make the cotton imitation look like real popcorn.

Sprinkle it with spices. Flick on the orange acrylic paint with water. Mmm, it looks delicious!

Assemble the holder. Hot glue the popcorn to cover the entire top base.

And the finishing touch. Cut out the word popcorn to decorate the box.

Attach the letters to the white base.

Hot glue the word to the box.

The top of the box can be moved, so you’ll be able to put the power bank in and out when necessary. Put it in, take the USD adapter out and place the top.

Perfect! You can charge your favorite phone and watch TroomTroom channel.

This awesome popcorn box phone docking station would be an eye-catching accessory on your desk. The amusing design will make you smile each time you use the holder especially if you are a movie fan.

Materials we used for this project:    
  • A3 yellow cardboard;
  • portable charger;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • template from the video description;
  • thick felt of yellow, red, white, brown colors;
  • hot glue gun;
  • thick cardboard;
  • polyester filler;
  • craft knife;
  • thread, needle;
  • cotton wool;
  • orange acrylic paint;
  • water;
  • toothbrush or art brush.

Popcorn box template download link: http://troomtroom.com/sources/diy_popcorn_box_phone_docking_station_-_po...

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom