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DIY Pop Up Paper Night Light

How to make paper pop-up paper night light. Today  you will learn how to craft an original DIY night light with stars from paper in pop-up technique. For more pop-up paper art and design interior ideas subscribe to our channel!

We’ll need:

  • a frame;
  • thumb tacks;
  • craft wire;
  • double sided tape;
  • A3 watercolor paper;
  • transparent fabric like organza;
  • LED garland.

Begin by attaching the LED garland to the back side of the frame using craft wire.

To get a soft diffused light cover the garland with transparent fabric.

You can hot glue the fabric but using a double sided tape is quicker and neater.

Remove a protecting cover and attach the texture.

Now stick the tape to the opposite side.

Pull the fabric moving from the center to the edges.

Cut out the excess.

Outline the frame on the paper.

Add about an inch of extra space to attach the element. Cut out.

We have prepared star stencils.

Make a decorative pattern. Place the stars at random and trace.

Done! Now we can cut out.

Lay a cutting board under the paper.

Use a craft knife and a metal ruler.

We don’t make a full cut leaving the folding lines uncut. This is the basic thing in a pop-up technique. So leave one or two opposite star sides uncut.

This is it.

Need a little patience - voila! 

Now you should attach it to the frame.

You can use thumb tacks or a staple gun.

You may first stick the paper with the tape like you did to the fabric.

Hit in the tacks.

And cut out the excess paper.

Hot glue the switch.

The unusual paper night light with twinkling stars will magically embellish a kids room.

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