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DIY Plastic Bottle Vase

How to make DIY bottle vase. In this tutorial we'll craft a flower vase from a plastic bottle. This handmade vase will become a great decor element for home or you can make a nice gift to your friend!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Take a bottle, unscrew the top and press down.

Carefully cut out the top part.

Mix white glue with water half and half and stir.

Submerge the fabric in the mixture to soak well.

Wrap the wrung cloth around the bottle starting with the top edge.

Spread out to cover the whole surface. Make folds. Cover the bottom.

Put a thick glue coat to the fabric to soak well. Use a brush.

Apply the glue coat to the bottom to make the vase steady.

After the cloth is dry add some color to it. First paint yellow following the fold shape.

Underline the fabric relief with bright green.

Don’t rinse the brush, take white and add to the paint to get an interesting shade.

Now rinse the brush and take unmixed white. Add some yellow on top.

Underline the folds with white. Shadow the deepening with brown.

You can use green to darken the hollows, as well as brown.

Mix different colors to follow the fold shape and make the fabric relief more intricate. First add the light shades, then the dark ones.

As soon as the first coat is dry, apply the second one to make the colors look brighter. 

Add some gold. Paint the bottom.

Hot glue the unattached details. This fabric vase will look like a ceramic one when ready.

Cover the vase with lacquer.

It will take little time to turn a plastic bottle into an unusual fabric vase.

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