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DIY Paper Geometric Room Decor

How to make paper room decor. In this new tutorial we'll show you a few beautiful geometric decorating ideas. Our amazing DIY 3d home decorations will add color to a dull room!
We'll need:
  • big sheet of thick color paper;
  • wooden frame;
  • pencil, ruler;
  • scissors;
  • hot glue gun;
  • multipurpose glue;
  • bright color paper;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brush;
  • scoring tool;
  • cord. 

Let’s make a 3-D pattern wall décor to add a splash of color to your room.

Place a blank frame on thick color paper and trace. Today we’ll use bright colors. We’ve chosen light green for the base.

Draw another line at a frame width beyond the initial traced one.

Cut off the corners.

Score the lines. Fold up.

Place the frame inside.

Hot glue the paper.

Take paper of a different color and draw 2 inch side squares. Cut out.

Prepare several squares of various colors.

Fold diagonals to form a cross.

Make a cut up to the center.

Attach the sides to shape a pyramid.

Place the details on the frame.

Form any pattern you like. We’ll make an abstract one.

Attach the pyramids with multipurpose glue.

The colorful paper wall décor will become a cute interior accent.

You always have some small stuff on your desk you need to put somewhere. Let’s make a couple of paper boxes to keep little things in order.

Let’s take pure colors for these décor items. Paint square color paper with simple dot or line pattern.

Fold diagonal to shape a triangle.

Turn the corner back to the crease.

Fold the right and left sides down.

Make two more same details.

Assemble the construction putting one part into another.

Join the edge sides.

Glue the bottom.

The smart paper boxes will be useful on the desk to keep small stuff in.

The paper geometric room décor ideas are low cost and simple to make and will immediately add color to a dull room.

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