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DIY Night Light For Kids

How to make handmade childrens' night light. This time we'll craft a fantastic lantern for kids shaped like a hot air balloon. Our  fabulous DIY balloon decoration can become a wonderful gift that will bring your kid magic dreams  full of breathtaking adventures!

Supplies and tools:
  • big balloon;
  • paper;
  • fatty cream;
  • white glue;
  • water;
  • sandpaper;
  • acrylic ground paint;
  • soft synthetic brush;
  • decoupage napkins with travel images;
  • scrapbook paper;
  • scissors;
  • craft knife;
  • thin string;
  • hot glue gun;
  • thin tree sticks;
  • foam plastiс;
  • LED garland;
  • embellishments.
  We’ll need a big balloon. Tear out plain paper into small strips. Take any fatty cream and smear it over the balloon. Pour white glue into a plate and add a bit of water. Mix well. Soak the strips. Attach them to the balloon Overlapping. We should cover 2-3 paper layers to make the paper mache keep shape. Let dry for 15-20 hours. After drying take sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Then take acrylic ground paint and soft synthetic brush.

Cover the balloon with the ground coat. We’ll make a travel night light. Choose decoupage napkins depicting geographical maps, posted letters, postage stamps, the Eiffel Tower. Take scrapbook paper in the same style. Unfold the napkin. Separate the upper layer and cut out pictures. We’ll need white glue. Mix it with water. Cover the balloon with a glue mixture and attach the napkin.    Carefully smooth with the brush soaked in the mix.   Continue sticking the pictures to the balloon. Cut out the Eiffel Tower. Adhere. Attach the scrapbook paper in the same way. Now we should make a bigger hole in the bottom of the balloon. Use a mug as a template - put it to the balloon and trace the mug. Cut out using a craft knife. Remove the rubber balloon - prick it with a needle. Hot glue the edge with a string braid. Cut out the excess. Join the ends and glue. Let’s make a balloon basket. Take tree sticks and a small vase. Bend the sticks around the vase, attach with the hot glue. Add the sticks hot gluing to each other. We’ve got lovely basket. Remove it from the frame. Make a bottom. Break several sticks to fit the basket. Hot glue the sticks to form the bottom. Wrap the stand with a garland. Take a LED garland to prevent melting the balloon from the heat the regular lights may cause. Pass the garland through the basket bottom. Add hot glue to the underside of the stand. Adhere to the center of the basket. Add some hot glue to the top of the stand. Put the balloon shade on the stand to stick inside. Tie a white string to the edge of the basket. Wrap around the balloon to fix the string on the other side. We have fastened the shade with two strings to balance it and hold tight. Embellish the basket with a ship wheel. Prepare white sacks. Tie up with a string. Fix to the basket side. Cut out the excess string. Hide the ends inside. Add other sacks. Hang loose another string on the balloon. Choose a ribbon. Fold the end in half. Cut out. Make a small flag by cutting V-shape on the ends. Make several same flags. Fasten the flags on the string. Hot glue. Done! The fabulous balloon night light can become a wonderful handmade gift for a kid. It will bring magic dreams of an incredible journey full of breathtaking adventures. If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom