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DIY Nautical Curtain Tie Backs Monkey Fist Knot

How to make handmade curtain tie backs. In this tutorial we'll create DIY monkey fist from ordinary cotton rope and use it as a decorative knot. Now you know how to craft a fabuluos low cost interior decoration!

Take a monkey fist keychain as a base for our intricate curtain tie-backs.

We need 8 feet of rope per a tie-back: 6.5 feet for a knot and 1.5 feet for a fastener. 

Take one end of rope and wrap three turns around your fingers. Hold the wraps with your thumb.

On the fourth turn pass the rope between index and middle fingers.

Take the turns underneath and remove your fingers holding the set of turns in place with your index finger.

Pass the loose end to the back side and make three wraps locking the previous turns. Hold with your thumb.

You’ve got three horizontal and three vertical wraps.  

Pass the loose end through a loop made by the first set of turns.

Pull out.

Change your hands. Hold the first wraps with your index finger. And pass the rope through the loop.

You’ve got two sets of three turns crosswise.

Wrap three more turns fixing the knot.

The monkey fist is ready. Press it with hands forming a ball. We’ve tied two monkeys fist knots. We should make fasteners now.

We need 1.5 feet of rope, a snap hook and a ring.

Decorate a loop base with twine.

Cut out 1.5 feet of twine. Fix the ring to the loose end of the monkeys fist knot. Tie a loop with twine. Cut out the excess. Add hot glue. Cover the rope end with twine.


Tuck the other end into the center of the knot and fix with hot glue.  

Secure a snap hook to the other end of the fastener. Fix a loop base with hot glue.

And decorate with twine. 

Put the snap hook on the ring and place the rope to form a tie-back. Tuck the loose end into the center of the knot. Fix with hot glue. It’s a safe way of securing. It affords to hand wash the tie-backs.

Now we know how to tie a monkey fist and how to make a fabulous low cost interior decoration from ordinary cotton rope.

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