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DIY Marshmallow Pillows

In today's master class, we'll show how to make original and cute pillows in the form of a delicious dessert. These pillows will become a wonderful decoration of your interior.

We’ll need:

  • soft fabric of several matching colors. For the first pillow we need: 3 fabric stripes 3 inches wide and 16 inches long. For the second one: 4 stripes 4 inches wide and 18 inches long. For the third pillow: 7 stripes 2,5 inches wide and 16 inches long;
  • synthetic cushion filling (hollowfiber);
  • scissors;
  • hot glue gun;
  • square cotton bag of a light color;
  • needle and thread.

Make a spiral shaped pillow first. Take fabric of three colors. We’ve chosen felt. Cut out strips of the same width. The pillow size depends on the strips dimensions. You can make it bigger by increasing the strips size.

Fold the felt this way. Add a bit of hot glue to the edge and fold up. The glue cools fast so apply it by small portions. 

We’ve prepared three felt tubes. Stuff them with any synthetic cushion filling. Spread it across the entire length. Make three same details.

Hot glue one end. Fasten the three details together. 


Turn them over this way and spiral the rainbow tubes. Hot glue each coil. Tuck the loose ends inside. Fasten with the hot glue. Press down with your fingers to make the right shape. We’ve got such a bright curve. 

Mmm… it looks like a real marshmallow. It’s soft and smooth and very cozy.


There’s never too much sweet! We’ve made a bigger pillow in the same way. Another pillow would be of a more classic shape must-have for the cotton candy lovers. Take a square light fabric bag for a base. Make sure it is turned face up. Stuff it with hollow fiber filling. Sew down. We’ve got a classic small square pillow.

Tuck the corners inside and hot glue. We’ve corrected the shape in this way.

Take a piece of fabric to cut out into equal strips. Make soft tubes of several colors.Fill up the details across the entire length. Wrap each tube around the base at a slight angle.Fasten them at the junction and hot glue. Attach the tube to the other side of the base.

Make another coil pink. Follow the same steps. Hot glue the tubes.

Make the last felt ring a bit smaller. Snip off the excess at an angle. Tuck the ends inside securing with the hot glue.

Cover the side with a blue felt piece. Put it under the last tube. Attach with the hot glue. Cover the other side with the fabric as well.

It looks awesome! The cute pillow will offer a nice touch to your décor. Collect a rainbow set of sweet marshmallow pillows to make your relaxation perfect.

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom