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DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

How to make jewelry holders. In this tutorial we'll show you awesome holder ideas based upon wooden frame usage. These  fabulous DIY decor crafts will help you both organize your accessories and decorate your room with new smart home design items!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Remove a back cover. Paint the frame white.

Cover the back and front leaving inside unpainted.

When dry apply a finishing coat to fix the color.

Let’s turn the frame into a jewelry holder. Put fabric on the back and a foam sheet with its front side down on top.

Distribute hollow fiber. Place another foam sheet with its front side up to cover the filling.

Put the back cover on top. Press over to keep in place.

We need two lace cutouts of the frame size. See how they fit best.

Turn over the frame. Carefully take the pillow holding the corners of the fabric.

Place the lace on the pillow. Put on the frame.

Pull up the lace and turn over again.

Press down the back cover to leave the fabric edges out.

Cut out the excess keeping enough fabric to secure.

Attach to the back pulling up carefully. Use multipurpose glue.

Cover the back with thick cardboard. Mark off the size.

Cut out. You can use a craft knife and metal ruler. Be careful to underlay a cutting board.

Bend the clips. Add glue to the back. Place the cardboard and press over.

Cut out a small piece of craft wire.

Shape a dark ribbon bow. Fasten with the wire piece. Cut out the excess.

Make another bow using a floral pattern ribbon. Form a ring and sew down the ends.

Join the bows with a thin pink ribbon.

Attach the embellishment to a frame corner.

Now you can hang your jewelries on the soft lace holder.

Let’s decorate another frame. Paint it white.

Attach a masking tape at the corners first. Press over the edges well.

Now make symmetrical triangles.

Make cuts at the corners to attach the tape thoroughly. Thus the pattern will be painted in the right way.

Mix crimson and white. Paint the frame corners.

Color big opposite triangles lime green. Keep in mind the sides.

The rest open parts will be yellow.

The frame is dry in half an hour.

Remove the tape.

Attach a net as a finishing touch. You can buy it in a handmade shop.

Glue the edges. Add some yellow paint with a sponge.

Attach the net with the multipurpose glue.

The cool geometric frame with the honeycomb pattern net will keep your jewelry safe.

These fabulous jewelry holder ideas will help you both organize your accessories and decorate your room with new smart home design items.

Materials we used for this project:
  • blank frame;
  • polyethylene foam sheet;
  • fabric;
  • ribbons of different color;
  • lace;
  • hollow fiber filling;
  • craft wire;
  • sewing thread;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • scissors;
  • multipurpose glue;
  • craft knife;
  • metal ruler;
  • cutting board;
  • masking tape;
  • net.
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