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DIY Heart Shaped Denim Cushion

In this DIY we will show you how to craft a heart shaped cushion. This love heart denim cushion is very easy to make and it will serve as a perfect handmade decoration or a gift for St. Valentine’s Day.

Today we’ll craft a stylish handmade denim heart-shaped cushion.

Fold denim on the bias keeping the wrong side inward. Make a strip.

Cut out 12 such strips.

Trace a heart edging on the bias keeping an inch allowance.

Cut out.

Make a heart size square poplin lining.

Place a denim strip upright across the center of the square.

Put along another strip aside.

Place seven strips in a row on the poplin square.

Now put another strip crosswise onto the first one, under the second one, onto the third one, etc.

The second level strip up the first one.

Put it under the first upright strip, on the second one, under the third one and so on chequerwise. Five strips will be enough.

Place a semi-heart stencil onto the center of the strip pattern.

Trace it with a tailor’s chalk. Make another semi-heart pattern.

Pin the strips to keep them in place.

Sew them with the lining out of the line. Put out unnecessary pins.

Sew the heart around.

Cut out the excess keeping 0.4 inches of allowance.

Make shallow cuts on the inner side of the denim heart edging.

Now fold down 0.4 inches across the inner side

And sew dotted baste stitch.

Place the edging onto the heart.

The seam on the heart shouldn’t be seen.

Now neatly sew two details across the edge. Be careful to make an even stich keeping same distance from the edge.

Remove the unnecessary baste seam. One half of the cushion is ready.

Make another half in the same way.

Place the halves onto each other right side inwards.

Put together the bottom center and the top one.

Pin two details together. Sew small stitches across the edge. Leave loose.

Pull the cushion right side up through the unstitched hole.

Untuck seams and corners.

If the fabric is bulging, carefully make a small cut in the upper inner corner of the heart.

Tightly stuff the cushion with a hollowfibre filling.

Sew neatly with dark threads.


The love heart cushion is ready. You can use it as a design element to decorate your settee or as a gift for your close friend.

Materials we used for this project:

  • blue marine denim;
  • sky blue poplin;
  • cushion pattern from the attachment;
  • hollowfibre cushion filling;
  • tailor’s chalk.

Cushion patterns download link: http://troomtroom.com/sources/diy_heart_shaped_denim_cushion_-_pattern.pdf

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom