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DIY Glass Vase Rope and Beads Decoration

In this tutorial we'll turn an ordinary glass vase into a stylish interior decoration using white synthetic rope and pearl beads. This DIY glass vase will become a magnificent decor element for your home!

We’ll need:

  • blank glass vase;
  • beads of two colors. We have chosen cool shades;
  • light pearl beads;
  • white synthetic rope;
  • thin chocolate brown cord.

Add some hot glue to the upper part of the vase.

Attach the rope end and press over.

Snip off the end and thread a bead.

Wind the rope around the vase.

Thread a bead of another color.

Pass the end through the coil.

Add hot glue to the rope crossing and press down.

Cut out the excess.

Continue wrapping the vase. Add beads.

Keep in mind that the beads should be evenly distributed around the rope.

Hot glue the end to the rope.

Take the dark cord. Attach to the rope at the upper part.

Wind around the vase adding beads. Be careful to hot glue the cord several times while wrapping.

Attach the rest of the beads to the vase where needed.

The smart glass vase decorated with rope cords and beads will become a true design element.

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