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DIY Garland Decorating Ideas

How to make fabulous DIY light ball garlands. In this tutorial we’ll show several awesome light garland decorating ideas which you can use for your interior.  This gorgeous garland will perfectly decorate kid room, bedroom or embellish an outdoor party!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Take a bit of cream and smear it around the balloon.

Soak the thread in the glue.

Wrap it around the balloon pulling up tightly.

Be careful to saturate the thread with the glue all the time. Cut out the excess.

Adhere the end to the balloon and wait until dry.

The thread is dry in three hours.

Now you can prick the balloon. Take a needle. Boom! Cool!

Put a LED garland inside and get a wonderful night light.

Now we’ll need lots of small round balloons. 

Inflate them and tie the ends.

All the balloons should be of the same size.

Follow the same steps as for the night light. Smear the balloons with the cream.

Choose threads of your favorite colors.

Soak the thread with the glue.

Wind all around the balloon.

Now we’ve got a lot of smart round lamp shades. Wait for several hours until they are completely dry.

Prick the balloons with a pin. Remove the remains.

Take a LED garland as this kind of device does not heat as regular lights do. So it will not provoke a potential hazard of fire when used close to the thread lamp shades.

Place the ball shades one by one like they will be held on the garland. Match them by color.

Widen the hole with scissors.

Put the light bulbs inside. Done!

Take scrapbook paper for another decorating idea.

We’ll need Dixie cups.

Choose a LED garland again to avoid melting the plastic cups from the heat.

Make a shade template first. Cut the cup open and cut out the lip and bottom.

Put the template on the scrapbook paper and cut out a lamp shade cover using a craft knife. Be careful to underlay a cutting board. Or you can trace the template with a pencil first and cut out with scissors, as you like.

Make various shade covers from different scrapbook paper.

Wrap the cutout around the cup to see if it fits right. Perfect! Let’s continue.

Use white glue to attach the shade covers to the cups.

Let’s complete the garland lamp shades.

Make an X-cut on the bottom of a cup.

Pass a LED bulb through and be sure it won’t slip out and hold tight inside.

Repeat the step for the other cups.

Add the finishing touch. Take small pieces of tulle.

Tie bows on the string between the lamps.

Perfect! This gorgeous garland will decorate kid room interior or embellish an outdoor party.

The fabulous diy garland decorating ideas will help you create a cozy atmosphere on a summer time outdoor party. You can use the decoration for home interior as well.

Materials we used for this project:

  • bright thread;
  • round balloon;
  • white glue;
  • any fatty cream;
  • plastic cups;
  • scrapbook paper;
  • LED garland.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom