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DIY Finn Backpack Refrigerator Magnet

How to make DIY refrigerator magnet. This handicraft tutorial will help you to make a magnet shaped like a prominent circular backpack that belongs to Finn the Human from Adventure Time. We hope our fridge magnet will cheer you up every day, also it can become a nice gift for a friend!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Cut out a 3x2 inch square from the wall insulation. Use a craft knife. Cut down the corners.

Continue cutting out to get the smooth round outline.

Cut down the edges. The base detail looks like a soap bar.

Smooth the base with sandpaper.

Place the backpack base onto the support. Heat the iron.

Put a square piece of foam rubber to the iron for a few seconds.

As soon as the material becomes flexible set it on the base and pull up. Hold until cool.

Shape the second piece in the same way.

Put both details on top the base. Make a cross cut.

Take the smaller light lime green detail and the bigger dark green.

Mark the junction on the base.

Make the backpack straps. Cut out two 3/8 inches cardboard strips.  

Attach one strip to the light foam rubber.

Add some hot glue and cover it with the foam rubber to sandwich the white strip between the lime green.

Turn it over, add some hot glue. Wrap the strip again. Cut out the excess.

Attach the dark green foam rubber to the strip to make the lower part of the strap. Repeat the same steps you did for the upper part.

Make the second strap in the same way.

Put a piece of light foam rubber to the back side of the base.

Mark the places of the strap attachment.

Make small cuts with the nail scissors.

Put the light green end of the strap into the cut. Attach to the back side.

Stick the second strap in the same way.

Attach the detail with the straps to the back side of the base.

Make the dark green detail. Cut out the excess.

Attach the dark green detail to the middle of the back side.

Put in the straps. Hot glue the lower part of the detail.

Attach the front side details across the edges. Stick the light lime green to the top.

Add the dark green to the bottom.

Carefully cut out the excess using the nail scissors.

Cut out a small dark green oblong.

Attach it to the center of the light detail.

Hot glue the pin and stick it into the base on top.

Cut out a small circle from the magnet sheet.

Thread a pin eye. Tie a knot. Attach the thread to the magnet circle.

Hot glue a light green semicircle to the magnet.

Add the same dark green detail lower the light one. Cut out the excess.

The cool refrigerator magnet shaped like Finn the Human backpack is ready.

Materials we used for this project:    

  • two pieces of light and dark lime green foam rubber;
  • polystyrene wall insulation;
  • magnet sheet;
  • yellow thread;
  • eye pin;
  • sandpaper, size 320;
  • scissors;
  • cardstock;
  • craft knife. 

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom