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DIY Decorative Mirror Frame from Paper Tube

How to make DIY decorative mirror frame from paper tube. Today we'll show how to weave a round wall mirror from newspaper tubes. This DIY woven frame mirror will perfectly accomplish the interior design of your hall or sitting room!

We need newspapers: - cardboard sheet; - craft knife; - knitting needle, size 4; - round mirror, diameter 5.5 inches; - white glue; - white water-based paint; - dark rosewood acrylic finishing; - ring to hang the mirror; - hot glue gun. Lay a protecting mat and start making paper tubes. Fold a newspaper three times to get eight equal parts, then cut out into strips. Add a thin glue line across the edge and roll tight onto the needle starting with a corner. Press the corner to keep in place, then pull out the needle. Make a couple of dozens same tubes. Start weaving. Press the sharp tube end, fold it in half. Add some glue. Put the end into another tube twisting a little. Make eleven tubes. Now bend each in half. Make another fold in 0.5 inches from the first one. Bend other tubes in the same double folded way. Make a long tube by joining two ones together, then bend in half. Take a double folded tube and start weaving it with the long folded one. Wrap around the first end, cross the tubes and wrap the second end. Change the up and low tubes. Weave another double folded tube. Be careful to place the layers closest to the bend points. Continue weaving clockwise. Keep equal intervals between the stands.  Make the tubes longer as needed. When all the eleven tubes are woven put the frame on the mirror to see how it The frame should be a bit smaller than the mirror to keep it in place. Close the frame ring and weave the second layer closest to the first one. Be careful to keep the right frame shape. Weave eleven layers this way. Leave an extra 0.5 inches end near the last stand and cut out the excess. Stick the end to the stand with white glue. Add glue to the second end and tuck it between the layers. Cut out the excess. Wrap the last stand around the closest right one. Cut out the excess. Tuck the stand end between the layers. Use a needle. Continue in the same way until the edge layer is complete. Cover the frame with a ground coat. Take water, white glue and white water-based paint in equal proportion. You may use a ready ground. When the coat is dry cover the frame with dark rosewood finishing. The frame is nearly ready, put in the mirror and attach the ring to hang the frame. Take a cardboard and cut out two strips 1.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long. Place the mirror with its front side down on the frame back side. Attach the cardboard strips crosswise. Use a glue gun. Stick the ring to the strip with the hot glue. The original woven frame mirror is ready. It will perfectly accomplish the interior design of your hall or sitting room.   If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/troomtroom