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DIY Cup Holder

In this tutorial we'll craft a festive  homemade mug holder from used cans. We hope that this fabulous decorating idea will cheer you up in the morning when you are having a cup of coffee!

We’ll need:

  • a piece of paper;
  • white, green and blue spray paints;
  • furniture knobs;
  • used CD;
  • used cans;
  • screws to secure the knobs;
  • thin and thick nails.

Mark the place to secure the first peg.

Take a thin nail. Hammer it to hole on the mark.

Remove the nail.

Hammer the thick nail to widen the prick.

Turn the nail round to make the hole bigger.

Continue until the screw can go through.

Mark the second peg place opposite the first one.

Make the second hole in the same way.

Hammer two more peg pricks on the second can.

Place the cans one on top the other and measure out the middle between the two holes.

Measure the center between the two horizontal pricks.

Mark the place for the fifth peg on the crossing point. Make a hole.

Hammer the last prick on the opposite side.

Cover the cans and CD with a ground coat. Be careful to wear the latex gloves and lay a protecting cover.

When the first coat is dry, apply the second one.

Make a paper stencil. Wrap the paper around the can.

Mark with a pencil.

Measure out a square 1 ½ inch wide and the can circumference long.

Fold half the square.

Unfold and crease the both halves in half.

Fold accordion in this way.

Draw a wave. Cut out.

Unfold the stencil. Continue the wave to the right.

Cut out the excess.

Wrap the stencil tightly around the bottom can.

Fasten with a tape.

Spray green leaving some areas unpainted.

Remove the stencil when dry.

Fasten it a bit higher.

Spray blue paint in the same way.

Place the second can on top. Keep in mind the holes setting.

Secure the stencil higher.

Paint green. Alternate the wave color along the entire height.

Spray the CD green.

Let’s secure the pegs to hang the mugs.

Take a screw with the pliers.

Put it into the peg hole from the inside.

Pass the screwdriver through the opposite hole to press down the screw.

Twist the knob. Secure well.

Put in the opposite screw in the same way.

Twist the second knob pressing down the screw tightly from inside. Use a knife or a spoon.

Fasten the other pegs in the same way.

When all the pegs are on the places, assemble the holder.

Hot glue the cans.

Keep in mind the peg setting.

Attach the cans in the center of the CD.

The fabulous handmade cup holder will cheer you up in the morning when you are having a cup of coffee. 

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom