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DIY Cheeseburger Pillow

Today we’ll be making a cheeseburger shaped pillow. This original and delicious decorating item will surprise your guests and you will have a daily inspiration to cook various goodies!

Supplies and tools:
  • beige, yellow, red, brown, green and white felt;
  • hollowfiber filler;
  • cardstock;
  • round object for a template;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • craft knife;
  • sponge;
  • orange paint (watercolor, acrylic paint or gouache);
  • spray bottle.

This time we’ll be making a cheeseburger shaped pillow.

We’ll need a cardboard base. Trace any round object of the appropriate diameter twice.

Cut out the details using a craft knife.

Place the base on the thick felt.

Cut off the excess.

Pull up the fabric to shape a bowl.

Put the filling inside, press with the base and hot glue the edges.

One half is prepared.

Repeat for the second one.

Make the bun golden brown using acrylic paints mixed with water. Spray the both halves carefully.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the top half. We’ve made the sesame seeds from the light hue felt. Hot glue the seeds.

Make a lettuce leaf from a vivid green felt strip. Fold it in half across the length and hot glue.

Attach it to the bun gathering the fabric to make the lettuce look natural. Repeat for the other half.

Wow, it looks delicious!

Continue making a topping. Cut out a semi-circle from the sponge to make a tomato slice.

Trace it on the red felt and cut out two details and a strip.

Attach the felt to the sponge.

Correct the shape.

Make 5 details of different size.

Place the tomato on the lettuce protruding slightly over the edges. 

Let’s make a burger.

Measure out an appropriate diameter and height of the burger.

Hot glue a wide fabric stripe to the paper leaving some place for the filling.

Stuff the tube with hollowfiber filling across the entire length.

Attach to the second half of the bun joining the ends to form a ring.

We are making a cheeseburger, so keep in mind the cheese.

Fold yellow felt in half and hot glue both ends.

Turn it inside out to get a square pocket.

Place two cheese slices on the bun attaching the corners to the burger.

There is onion missing in the topping. Roll up a white felt tube. Fasten with the hot glue. Cut off the excess.

Define the tube length you need to make onion rings.

Hot glue the onion to the tomato. Let it project this way.

Join the bun halves.

Hot them glue to form a tasty cheeseburger pillow.

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom