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DIY Butterfly Decorations

How to make a DIY butterfly decorations. In this tutorial we will show you an easy way to craft  handmade butterflies using ordinary yarns.These stylish butterfly will definitely decorate your interior and make it looks original.

Put a protecting cover on your working surface.

Fold A4 plastic wallet in half. Draw a butterfly half outline. Mark the sketched side of the wallet to keep the butterfly craft clean of the marker spots.

Turn over the wallet and trace the other half. Unfold.

Take a small bowl half full of white glue and knitting cotton yarns. Make about 10 wraps around your fingers. Cut out.

Soak the yarns in the glue. Put out one thread and place it at random on the wallet inside the outline. Place all the yarns one by one. There should be enough threads to keep shape but not too much to have a tender airy look. Keep in mind the outline. Let the glue dry. It’ll take about 6 hours. 

Carefully remove the wallet from the butterfly.  Put off the dry glue.

Make a body using beads, wire and decorative flower stamens. Cut out a small piece of wire. Thread a bead. Fix it on the end. It will be the head. Add antennae from the stamens. Twist the wire. Add several more beads from the other end. Fix the last bead with a twist. You can use threads instead of wire. Secure the end. Cut out the excess.

Make several more butterflies using yarns of different colors.

Fold the butterfly in half. 

Add some glue to the front crease. Attach the body and press over. 

Attach the rainbow colored butterfly to the peg. You can use it as a curtain decoration.

The white butterfly will look good as a refrigerator magnet. For this add a bit of glue to the back side and attach a magnet.

You can use the pink butterfly as a decoration for interior flower installation or as a garden design element. The gorgeous decorative butterflies from yarns and beads are ready. They will become festive interior design elements and bring your home a splash of summer and rainbow colors. 

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