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DIY Bicycle Flower Pot Holder

How to make flower pot holder. In this tutorial we'll craft an amazing paper tube bicycle plant pot holder. You can plant a flower in this DIY cache pot and decorate  windowsill with it!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Lay a protecting cover. Make magazine page tubes.

Fold the page in half. Cut out with a craft knife.

Add white glue across the edge. Roll the paper on the needle starting with the corner.

Make a couple of dozens these tubes.

Weave four tubes to shape a square in the center. It will be a frame.

Make an extended weaving tube. Fold the end of a tube in half. Add some glue. Put it into another tube.

Bend the long one in half. Wrap around a frame tube or stand as we’ll call it further.

Weave around another stand. Continue in the same way.

Extend the tubes as far as needed.

Finish weaving after the forth row. Fasten the tube ends using glue.

Bend the stand to the right winding around the next one.

Cut out the excess. Glue the end.

Tuck back inside the weaving. Continue in the same way.

We’ve got a wheel. Make two more same wheels.

Now we should weave a pot. Make six extended frame stands.

Place them criss-crossing per three ones.

Make another long weaving tube, bend it in half.

Start weaving around three stands together first.

Separate one stand from the three after the second row to weave it individually.

Divide the stand pairs in the next row to weave each tube separately.

Continue further without changes.

See how the weaving fits the flowerpot.

The size is fitting well, we can complete the bottom.

Wind a stand around the next right one and bend upright. Repeat for the rest stands.

The last one passes through the loop made with the first stand.

Weave around the vertical stands. Be careful to increase the diameter upwards to follow the flowerpot shape.

Put in the flowerpot to see if the height is enough. It is appropriate, you can finish weaving.

Bend the stands to complete the edge in the same way you did when making the wheels.

The woven flowerpot is ready. We can make a bicycle.

Pass the folded in half tube into the center of the wheels to make a shaft.

Put the pot on the shaft to measure the appropriate space between the wheels. Fasten the ends.

Wind four bended long tubes around the shaft to create a bicycle frame.

Weave around the tube pairs from the left to the right direction.

When the row is finished, turn back and continue weaving.

Upon completion of the fifth row cut out one of the edge stands on both sides. Continue weaving.

Press over the stands from the sides to narrow the frame.

Weave three stands at a time for several rows. Cut out two more stands.

Put the wheel between the stands. Mark the shaft set place.

Bend two stands back to make a loop.

Fasten it with 8-shaped winds. Cut out the excess end. Glue it.

Cut out the excess. Repeat for the other side.

Make a handlebar. Wind two tubes around the third one.

Glue another tube end to the top of the handlebar.

Weave around the pair stands with 8-shaped winds.

When the handlebar is of the appropriate height, glue the tube end. Assemble the bicycle.

Cut out the too long handlebar tubes.

Bend the two bottom tubes to the right. Pass them through the loop. Repeat for the other side. 

Bend the ends down. Glue. Make the same on the other side.

Put the shaft into the front wheel passing through the loops.

Bend and tuck the ends into the wheel.

Repeat for the other side. Cut out the ends.

Attach the woven pot to the bicycle using a hot glue gun.

Apply a dark lacquer finishing coat with a brush. Let dry.

The craft is ready. Plant your favorite flower to the pot and decorate  windowsill with an amusing bicycle flowerpot holder or put a toy in it. Your kid will enjoy it.

Materials we used for this project:    
  • used magazines;
  • flowerpot;
  • knitting needle, size 2;
  • scissors;
  • craft knife;
  • white glue;
  • dark rosewood acrylic finishing;
  • hot glue gun.

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom