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Country Style Handmade Photo Frame in Drybrush Technique

How to make country style handmade photo frame in drybrush technique. In today's tutorial we'll colour a wooden photo frame in warm shades of yellow and red. This colorful handmade country style picture or photo frame will be a beautiful decorating in your interior!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

The picture frame for decorating is obviously beautiful on its own.

We'll try to keep a unique pattern and texture of the wood when painting the frame.

We’ve chosen ochre as a basic colour – a nice mustard tint of yellow.

Squeeze a little into a cup. Add some water for a thin transparent texture.

Paint with broad brush strokes. Move the brush randomly.

Now let’s add some bright spots.

Squeeze paint of a lighter shade of yellow. We’re not going to dilute the paint, as this time we want the strokes to be of deep, opaque colour

The brush moves randomly and with confidence. Here and there leave the patches where the wood pattern shows through.

Mind the inner and outer edges of the frame.

Give the first layer time to dry out. It won’t take longer than an hour.

Before you proceed to the next stage of frame coloring, protect the working surface with a kitchen mat or waste paper.

We are going to paint contrasting colour over the ochre one.

Mix some berry, chocolate and brown paints. A really nice fondant shade of red.

We’re using dry brush technique for the upper coat of paint.

With quick sloppy brushstrokes go over the coloured photo frame surface.

Pay attention to the way the natural pattern of the wood shows through.

Run with thick brush strokes over the inner edges of the frame for a contrasting facing. Mix paints with dry brush.

We’re not using masking tape common for this technique – as we don’t want perfectly even edges.

Our sweet hand-made colorful country style picture or photo frame is ready!

Materials we used for this project:

  • a blank wooden picture frame;
  • acrylic paints;
  • flat paintbrush with natural or synthetic bristle;
  • some water.

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