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6 DIY Candy Buffet Room Decor Ideas

Today we will share with you the original ideas of "delicious" room decor in the style of the candy bar! Six different decor items will help you to make your room brighter and more special!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Do you think your room is boring? Then you’ll definitely like this tasty candy buffet decorating ideas.

Start by making a cool jewelry holder shaped like a dropped ice cream.

Take a paper circle and three baubles.

Attach the baubles to the paper.

Cover them with hot glue. Don’t spare the glue to make it flow down like a melting ice cream.

Apply several layers.

When dry, paint the balls bright. Turquoise, pink and yellow. Create your own palette.

Ok, the paint is dry and matt. The balls look like real ice cream.

Remove the paper base.

Make an eye-catching cone from color cardboard. Fasten the edge with the hot glue.

Attach the cone to the ice-cream. Keep in mind it should look like it dropped down onto the table.

It’s hot and the ice cream continues to melt. Add more glue.

Paint the new pouring. Wow, it looks cool! We wish we could eat the ice cream.

You can be sure you’ll be the only one to get this awesome jewelry holder. Make you room unique!

Let’s craft sweet make-up brush organizers.

We’ll need stripes of any thick fabric.

Fold them across the length and hot glue tubes.

Cut out lots of small details. We’ve got several dozens of mini-tubes.

Glue a top to each tube.

Cut out the excess.

Stuff them with hollow fiber filling.

Attach the bottom.

The cylinders look like sweet marshmallows. Pot them in glasses.

The delicious make-up brush holders are ready.

Take a small glass to make a kawaii candy sweet q-tip holder.

Wrap a felt strip around the glass. Hot glue the edge.

Cut out the excess. Perfect!

Cover the bottom.

Take a white fabric strip. Imitate a sugar frosting. Draw a wavy edge.

Hot glue the cutout to the top. Carefully attach each drip.

Apply the glue across the top edge and cover with the felt.

Cut off the excess.

Draw a circle inside. Cut it out. The top is neat.

Attach eyes  and a smile. A cute kawaii q-tip holder is ready.

The lovely frosting candy sweet q-tip holder will cheer you up every morning.

These palatable organizers will keep safe your little things and make your room tidy and special.

Another simple and sweet idea is a color paper photo holder.

Roll up the paper around a pencil to form a tube. Hot glue the edge. You can use multipurpose of white glue instead.

Cut out the excess. Remove the pencil. The first detail is ready.

Continue rolling up the tubes. We’ve got eight pieces of the same length.

Decorate the tubes with a sweet pattern tape. Attach it to both sides. It’ll stiffen the tube decorating it with an ice-cream pattern.

Attach a striped tape to yellow tubes in a spiral pattern.

Cool! It’s time to make an awesome installation.

Shape V from the two tubes. Hot glue the junction.

Attach another tube this way. It’ll form a tripod.

Join the two legs with a horizontal tube. Check if it’s stable enough.

Ok, the first paper tube photo holder is ready.

Let’s make the next one of another pattern.

Cool! These 3D triangles are easy to make and perfect for a candy buffets interior design. You only need to choose photos.

And now let’s make a smart delicious decoration using a plain round mirror.

Take any thick fabric of vivid hues. Cut out a felt strip, fold it up and hot glue a tube.

Fill the tube with a hollow fiber stuffing across the entire length. Roll it up a bit.

Make another tube of a different color.

We’ll need three details. Take a glue stick as a base.

Attach it to a fabric tube. Then add another detail and the last one.

Spiral the tubes round the stick. Hot glue each coil tightly.

Here it is.

Decorate the mirror. Hot glue the spiral across the edge. You can use multipurpose glue instead.

If the glue is visible, cover it with small felt tufts. It looks fabulous!

The soft spiral marshmallow mirror looks very cozy and sweet.

It’ll create a wow-effect in your interior design.

And finally we’ll show a simple way to turn ordinary glass containers into stylish vases.

You can use glasses, cylinders or jars.

Spirally attach a decorative or masking tape. We’ll need several details. It looks nice.

Apply the white glue using a wide brush.

Glitter the glass. Shake off the excess. Glitter the bottom as well.

When dry, remove the tape carefully.

There are wider glowing spirals reaching the top on the tall vase.

We’ve used the same method but the vases look differently. They will perfectly match the rest decoration. You can choose any glitter tint to match your interior design.

You can store your little things in this sparkling container. Or you can make a candle holder instead.

We’ve managed to create cute and functional candy buffet decoration. It would be a must-have for all dessert lovers and original holder fans. These eye-catching lovely sweets are totally calorie free.

Materials we used for this project:   
  • Felt any other thick fabric of several colors
  • Color cardboard and paper
  • Three baubles
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • White glue
  • Hollow fiber filling
  • Glasses and glass containers of different size
  • Patterned tape
  • Glitter
  • Round mirror

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