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DIY Denim Bag

How to make DIY denim bag. In this tutorial we'll sew an especial handmade denim handbag decorated with a white star. This stylish DIY accessory  will be a perfect beach or shop bag!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Draw a square 6-inch side pocket.

Cut out without seam allowance. Fold the top side.

Sew with a white thread using running stitch.

Make another seam a bit lower.

Fold and pin the sides and the bottom.

Take a 14x29 inch fabric square handbag pattern. Place the pocket in the middle of the top part. Pin it down.

Sew down the pocket with running stitch.

Place a star stencil on any place you want.

Pin it down to keep in place.

Brush the star with white paint.

Fold the handbag inside out.

Seam the sides using back stitch.

Sew down the bottom corners for a better shape.

Turn the handbag right side out. Flatten and iron the seams.

Fold the top side. Baste around.

Decorate the ends of the zipper.

Put the zipper inside and sew down using running stitch.

Open the zipper before fixing the other side. Remove the basting.

Make handle fasteners from two 4x8 inch squares.

Fold in half inside out. Stitch across the edge.

Turn the right side out, iron the detail.

Fold the fastener to conceal the edges.

Sew down to the side seam on top.

Wrap around the rope end with a thread to pass through the fasteners easily.

Pass the rope through the fasteners.

Join both rope ends sticking them to the ribbon. Use a hot glue gun.

Wrap the attachment point with the ribbon tight.

Sew down with a white thread.

The stylish denim handbag is ready. It’ll perfectly fit for a picnic or going on a beach or in a shop.

Materials we used for this project:    

  • dark blue denim;
  • white fabric paint;
  • white grosgrain ribbon;
  • white rope;
  • white zipper;
  • tailor’s pins;
  • star stencil from the attachment.
If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom