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DIY Denim Backpack From Old Jeans

How to make denim backpack from old jeans. In this tutorial we'll sew a light denim backpack using jeans. This stylish DIY backpack from old jeans will be a perfect accessory for long walks!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

We need straight bootcut old jeans.

Cut out a lower part of the jeans for a backpack base.

Place the piece keeping the seams one under another.

Rip off a small piece of the belt. Cut out 4 inches piece.

Fold in half. Sew across the edge. Make a 0.1 inch crisscross cut.

Put a metal eyelet into the hole. Put the ring on the other side.

Place the eyelet on a metal ball. Put another smaller ball on top.

Hit it with a hammer to secure the eyelet.

Make another same detail. The third detail should be a bit longer having two eyelets.

Sew it to the side seam along the bottom edge.

Take a small piece of belt. Make a fastener for a zipper. Sew the edges.

Seam the zipper across the bottom edge leaving the fastener outside.

Put the other side of the zipper inside.

Sew it to the base. Now you can zip it.

Lay the base this way. Decorate these triangles.

Make a square along the lengthwise grain fitting the triangle. Cut a diagonal.

Pull several threads from the edges.

Make a stencil using a masking tape.

Color the denim using fabric paint. Remove the tape.

Make the same pattern on the other triangle.

Pin the both details to the backpack.

Sew with a running stitch using a thick white thread.

Cut out four 2 inches pieces of a black edge ribbon.

Make a loop putting the ends inside.

Sew down along the zipper using a black thread.

Seam two details on each side.

Rip a belt loop off the jeans.

Sew it down to the backpack at the center. Fix from top and the bottom.

Place two eyelet details the wrong side up along the backpack bottom edge. Pin down.

Turn the backpack inside out.

Lay it to keep the eyelet details on the sides. Sew the bottom seam.

Turn the backpack the right side up. Remove the pins.

Make handles using white rope.

Wrap a thread around a rope end to put it easily into the eyelet.

Pass it through the right bottom eyelet pulling till the end. Tie a knot.

Now pass through the right top eyelet.

Leave a proper length handle piece and tie a knot on the front side.

Go through the ribbon loops. Move to the belt loop.

And up through the ribbon loops again.

Tie a knot before going through the left top eyelet. Pass the rope through.

And put it into the last eyelet. Even the handles length.

And tie the last knot. Now cut out the excess rope.

We have made this stylish denim backpack using old jeans.

If you're like this project, check out our YouTube channel: TroomTroom