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DIY Batman Vs Superman Paper Mache Pinata

How to make a DIY paper mache pinata. In this  tutorial we will show you a very easy way of making a paper mache pinata Batman vs Superman. It will be the center of kids’ attention at a thematic Birthday party!

Supplies: • Big round balloon • Fatty cream • Torn paper strips • Water • Mixture of white glue and water (2:1) • Water-based latex paint • Wide brush • Grey spray (fast dry) • Sponge • Acrylic paints of white, light grey and black color • Picture of Batman vs Superman logo cutout • Plastic cover with a hole in the center • Rope (twine) • Hot glue gun   Batman vs Superman logo download link: http://troomtroom.com/sources/diy_batman_vs_superman_paper_mache_pinata_-_logo.jpg