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DIY Avengers Room Decor - 3D Letters

How to make room decor - 3D letters. Our new tutorial will show you how to craft bright 3D letters depicted famous Avengers logos that can be placed on the flat surface or hung to decorate the wall. This awesome crafts will become an excellent home decor for any party!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

We have printed out each individual letter of the word MARVEL. Let’s cut them out with scissors.

We’ll use a craft knife to cut out some inner areas of the letter. Be careful to lay a cutting board.

Place the letters on the foam plastic and trace.

Start cutting out. First you can separate the piece with a letter on. Cut out the excess.

Now define the shape. Follow the outline carefully.

Keep in mind the inner holes. The craft knife should be very sharp. Remove the excess.

Continue cutting out carefully.

Now let’s smooth the edges with sandpaper. Note the round shape.

Start painting. Each letter will represent one Avenger.

The first one will depict the Hulk logo. Make a pencil sketch first. Now outline with a black pen.

The next hero is Thor, and his favored weapon is Mjolnir, a lump hammer. Add a piece of outfit from aside. You can define the outline.

Draw a shield on the letter R, Captain America is armed with it. It’s difficult to sketch the shield by hand. Take a pair of compasses and draw a circle of the appropriate diameter. Cut it out.

Place the pattern on the letter and trace with the pen.

Now draw a smaller circle on the pattern. Cut out.

Place it in the center of the drafted circle and trace.

Make two more circles in the same way.

Sketch a five-pointed start in the center.

You can use the circle pattern on the other letters. Draw the Iron Man logo.

Outline one triangle inside the other. You’d better have a logo picture before your eyes, you can find one in the internet. Now define the sketch with the pen.

Draw the Black Widow symbol.

The logo consists of two triangles. Outline with the pen.

Take the circle pattern again.

We’ll make an aim symbolizing Hawkeye on the letter L.

Define in black. Perfect!

Let’s paint the letters. Hulk is green. Mix blue and yellow. Use cardstock as a palette.

Start with the logo. Be careful to paint inside the lines.

As the letters are volumetric, the logo continues on the sides.

Mix a darker shade of green. Paint the background. Better take a flat brush.

Cover the sides. Paint the front side. Finish the logo. Paint the rest of the areas in dark color.

Outline carefully. Keep in mind the sides.

The first letter is ready.

Make the Thor letter background dark blue. Don’t paint the hammer.

Mix gray color for Mjolnir. You can mix all paints and much white. Paint the hammer.

You can add some volume. Mix the lighter shade of gray.

Paint the upper part of the hammer without reaching the edge.

Make the outfit elements red. Keep in mind the sides.

The letter A is ready.

Sky blue is the basic color of the costume that Captain America wears. Just add some white to deep blue.

Start with the sides. The background is ready. You can paint the small details. Take white color for the star.

Paint the shield. Use a thin brush. Continue the details on the sides. Add some red.

And the letter R is ready.

The red color dominates in the Iron Man’s costume.

Make the top yellow. Take the thin brush. Add some white color carefully.

The logo is luminous. Darken the inner lines to emphasize the white color.

Outline the logo with burgundy. And make the background simply red.

The letter V is ready.

Make the letter representing the Black Widow. The background is dark but not black as the logo is black enough. Choose any shade of dark. We’ve mixed dramatic deep red purple.

You can use different shades to make the background peculiar.

Mix black color. Use three basic paints: yellow, red and deep blue.

Start with the front side. Cover the sides as well.

Continue working on the front side. Paint the inner part of the logo.

Make the last bright red element.

The letter E is ready.

There’s the last letter left. Its background is black. Paint everything except the symbol.

The Hawkeye logo is red aim. Take the thin brush and define the inner part.

Add some characteristic details.

And the last letter L is ready.

We’ve got the word MARVEL. The awesome 3D letters will enthrall the comics fans. The letters can be placed on the flat surface or hung to decorate the wall. These fabulous Avengers decorations will become the central pieces of the superhero party. 

Materials we used for this project:

  • foam plastic;
  • acrylic paints of basic red, deep blue, yellow and white colors;
  • printed letters;
  • cardstock;
  • sandpaper.

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