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Makeup Challenge! Full Face Using Food And School Supplies!

Today we'll show you how to use school supplies and edible materials to apply makeup. Why? Because doing makeup with regular beauty products are so boring! So, see how to make your makeup in a weird way.

Supplies and Tools:

·         Makeup brushes

·         Colored chalk

·         Paper

·         Starch

·         Pearl watercolor

·         Striped chewy candies (rainbow belts)

·         Water

·         Licorice stick

·         Watercolor pencils

·         Coffee

·         Coal

·         Glue stick

·         Glitter

·         Honey

·         Skittles

·         Popcorn flavored with cinnamon

·         Dry pastel

·         Pearl jelly candies

·         Jelly raspberries

·         Dried out gouache

·         Two colored spiral chewy candy

·         Rhinestones