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DIY Toothless Dragon Toy from How to Train Your Dragon

How to make DIY Toothless dragon toy. In today tutorial we'll show you how to make lovely wool dragon toy from the film "How to train your dragon". This toothless dragon toy will be a fabulous gift both for a kid and an adult!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Take a felting sponge, polyester filler, triangular blade needle, size 25. Spread out the polyester fibers.

Form a stretched cone to make a dragon body.

Punch the fibers with a felting needle on a sponge.

Add polyester to form a body-shaped piece.

When the detail is a dense and firm enough, change the needle into a fine size 40 one.

Wrap black wool around the base and pierce with the fine needle.

The body is ready. Make other details from the black roving.

Form four paws. To make the same sized paws divide a wool tuft into two equal parts.

Form a cylinder from the first one. Pierce with the fine needle.

Make thicker the lower part of the paw by tacking a bit more roving.

Make other paws in the same way.

Now make a head. Shape a flattened wool ball.

Pierce with the fine needle. Tack a forehead using a small wool tuft.

A neck is a thick cylinder. Join it to the head.

Tack around with the fine needle. Attach the body in the same way.

You can add a small wool tuft to make a smooth bordering.

Tack the paws. Make three pairs of horns, one bigger and two smaller.

The basic elements are in place. Let’s add some small details.

Make eight claws and two eyes by squeezing hot glue onto a cardboard piece. Let it dry.

Bend thick wire shaping a wing frame.

Cut out three small pieces of thin wire twice.

Twist three wire pieces together from one end.

Fix it onto the wing frame forming a wing skeleton. Trim the wire ends.

Make the same on the other wing.

Wrap the frame wire with black yarns adding hot glue.

Now attach the frame to black fabric. Cut out the wings.

Attach the thin wires to the fabric. Trim the wing edges.

Make a tail wing frame by twisting three thin wires in the middle.

Stick it to the fabric. Сut out the wings with scissors.

Make the last pair of wings frame to end the tail.

Attach the black fabric to one side, and red ribbon to the other.

Fray check the wing edges with flame.

Conceal the light frame wires using a black marker.

Sew the wings down with black threads.

Tack to the body with a small wool tuft.

Paint the oval frozen glue drops with light green nail varnish making the eyes. Attach the eyes.

Stick the claws to the paws.

Cover the claws with black nail varnish.

Add black pupils to the eyes

Tack a bit of roving to the outer ends of the eyes to make them more expressive.

A “Night Fury” from How to Train Your Dragon is ready to fly. It’ll be a fabulous gift both for a kid and an adult. 

  Materials we used for this project:    
  • felting sponge/foam block or needle-felting mat;  
  • polyester filler; 
  • triangular blade size 25 needle;  
  • triangular blade size 40 needle; 
  • black unspun wool (roving);  
  • hot glue gun;  
  • plastic cover wire, dia 0.1 inches ; 
  • thin jewelry wire;  
  • 2 pliers;  
  • black yarn;  
  • black synthetic fabric;  
  • scissors;  
  • wide red satin ribbon;  
  • black marker;  
  • lighter;   
  • needle and black threads;  
  • craft knife;  
  • black and light green nail varnish;  
  • dragon Toothless image.

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