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DIY Romantic Decoupage Photo Album

How to decorate a photo album. Today we suggest you to craft a handmade romantic photo album to make a wonderful gift using a decoupage method. Make this DIY love Paris photo album with us!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Decorate the album with old newspapers. To keep the pages clean wrap them into plastic wallets at the beginning and at the end. You don’t need to cover the middle pages.

We prepared a mixture of water, white glue and white water-based paint at the ratio of 8:3:1 and put small pieces of torn newspaper into it. Let the paper soak for several minutes.

Put out pieces of paper, remove the excess wet.

Attach them to the album cover. Fold the even paper edge overlapping the back side of the cover across the edge. Flatten carefully.

Stick other pieces in the same way. Cover the whole surface evenly in a single layer. Let it dry.

Now start the decoupage. Take a napkin with the Eiffel Tower image and a light background.

Cut out the proper fragment with scissors closer to the image outline.

Find the right place at the center of the cover to attach the picture. Cut out the excess.

Remove the excess napkin layers keeping the covering one with a picture on it.

Coat the album cover with glue using a soft brush.

Place the napkin in the center flattening carefully.

Cover the napkin with the glue brushing from the center to the edges. Coat the whole picture surface.

When the glue is dry decorate the back side of the cover with a romantic poem.

Cut it out from the same napkin. Remove the excess layers.

Find the place for the poem and decorating curls.

Coat the cover with glue. Attach the images to flattening carefully.

Add another coat of glue. Let it dry.

Add some vintage features. We’ve decorated the slipcase in the same decoupage technique. Cover it with ivory-white acrylic lacquer. It will give the slipcase old-fashioned look.

Coat the album with the lacquer as well.

Let it dry.

Add a bright accent using a thin red ribbon. Fray check the sides.

Attach the ribbon across the slipcase bottom edge. Cut out the excess.

Stick another piece leaving a loose end for a bow.

Attach the ribbon to the other slipcase sides. Glue the ends inside.

Tie a bow. Glue and press over.

The festive vintage photo album with an image of a romantic symbol of Paris will keep the best moments of your life. It will perfectly decorate your book shelf or become a wonderful gift for a close friend.

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