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DIY Decorative Shark Pegs

How to make DIY decorative shark pegs. In our tutorial will learn you how to craft funny handmade shark pegs. This homemade decorative pegs will be both useful and embellishing!

Our tutorial is about how to make funny decorative shark pegs.

We’ll need:

  • white cardstock;
  • acrylic paints;
  • wooden clothes pegs;
  • multipurpose glue.

Draw a leaf-shaped shark head on the cardboard.

Add fins. Cut out.

It will be enough to have three main colors: yellow, blue and red, and white, of course.

Mix the proper shade to paint a tiger shark. Their skin may vary from blue to light green. Keep in mind to lay a protecting cover.

Make the light underbelly.

Add distinctive spots.

Define an eye.

Paint the peg in the same color.

Cut the shark across the length.

Add some multipurpose glue to the peg.

Attach each shark part to the different peg half. 

Make one more shark of another shade.

These funny decorative pegs will be both useful and embellishing. 

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