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DIY Cascade Accordion Style Card

How to make cascade accordion style card. This tutorial we'll craft an unusual handmade card that can become a bright and festive decor element for kids room or your desk as it can transform to get different shapes. Use our DIY card ideas and amaze your friends every day!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Lay the cardstock horizontally and mark off two inch intervals on top.

Repeat for the bottom. Join the marks.

Measure out 3 inches vertically in the right bottom corner.

Draw the line from the left top corner to the mark.

Measure out 2 inches from the same point.

Repeat for the opposite side. Join the marks.

Cut out the right top corner across the oblique line.

Now we’ll need another cardstock. We should make the same detail, so trace it first.

Cut out the excess.

Repeat the measurement to make the basic details identical. Done!

Make vertical cuts across the drawn lines up to the horizontal border. Don’t cut all the lines, but alternate the cut and uncut ones.

Turn the second detail over to make the similar cuts on the oblique side. Follow the same order.

Score the rest of the lines with some scoring tool. We usually use an empty ballpoint pen.

Now you can fold across the score lines.

Repeat for the second detail.

Fold the cardboard into accordion pleats.

Assemble the details putting the elements into each other.

Now fold the card in the right way.

Let’s decorate the card. Meanwhile separate the details. Use the patterned paper of the same shade as the basic details.

Make strips. The strips should repeat the base shape on top, so cut them at an angle.

Prepare several strips. Place them on the card sides.

Now you can attach. Use white glue as usually for the paper elements.

Leave a bit of extra space across the edge to use the cardstock as the background for the paper.

We won’t decorate the second base with the patterned paper, so let’s assemble the card details.

Place the embellishments. We’ve chosen the animal theme.

Attach them with multipurpose glue.

You can wrap the card with the ribbon to keep it shut.

Done! This unusual bright and festive cascade card can decorate either kids room or your desk as it can transform to get different shapes. 

Materials we used for this project:

  • A4 color cardboard;
  • patterned paper;
  • ribbon;
  • embellishments;
  • white glue;
  • multipurpose glue.

If you're like this project, check out our youtube channel: TroomTroom