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DIY Burlap Heart Pillow

How to make a  DIY heart shaped pillow. Today we will show an easy way of creation a burlap love heart decorative pillow for Saint Valentine’s Day. This cute toss pillow will make a beautiful gift for the holiday!

Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!

Take a square piece of burlap folded in half.

Place a round object of a proper size.

Trace it to form an upper part of the heart.

Complete the outline and draw a lower part. Cut out a heart base.

We have two heart halves.

Start sewing them together with a thick burgundy thread.

Keep a small piece of thread loose. Tie a double knot.

Continue sewing the cushion with a running stitch keeping half an inch allowance.

Leave several inches unsewn to stuff the cushion with filler.

Draw a smaller heart on the patterned fabric. Cut out.

To make the heart sides identical fold it in half and trim the edges.

Attach the patterned heart to the burlap base using a glue gun.

Decorate the cushion with ribbons.

Take a wide lilac satin ribbon and fold it in this way. Glue inside.

Fold across the edges and glue.

Attach the lilac element to the upper part of the patterned heart.

Now decorate the cushion with a lace ribbon.

Take two small pieces. Put them together.

Add a line of glue across the bottom edge.

Carefully cut out the very edge of the ribbon and unfold.

You have a lace decorative element. Add some glue to the back side across the middle line and attach to the satin detail. Use a glue gun.

Now decorate the cushion with a thin satin ribbon of a tender beige shade.

Attach it to the center of the lace element.

Glue the ends folding them under the lilac detail.

Make a small bow from a white satin ribbon keeping long ends. Z-cut the edges.

Take a big dark-lilac button and attach it to the beige detail.

Place a double bow decoration under the button.

Take a thin burgundy ribbon and tie a bow like the white one in form but smaller in size.

Attach it to the white bow. Glue the detail under the button.

A Take white bead halves. Attach one to the center of the button. 

Add them to both sides of the beige ribbon detail and to the burgundy bow.

Add lace decorating elements to the upper halves of the heart cushion.

Make a round cut across the lace ribbon inner edge.

Put the lace between the cushion sides across the edge and glue. Cut out the excess.

Add the same detail on the other side.

Take a small pearl button and glue it over the decorating element.

Thread a bead using twine to make a loop for the heart.

Place the twine bow over the pearl button and glue.

Stuff the cushion with filler. Complete the seam.

Tie the thread ends and cut out the excess.

This festive handmade heart shaped cushion will become a wonderful gift for St. Valentine’s Day.

Materials we used for this project:    

  • burlap;
  • patterned fabric;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • buttons;
  • beads;
  • twine;
  • threads.

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