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7 DIY Organization Hacks With Toilet Paper Rolls

In our today's video we will share with you some useful life hacks that help put your school and handmade supplies in order. We will use the available recycle materials, so the stuff is low cost. We hope these cool crafting hacks come in handy to you.

Supplies and tools:
1. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
2. Cardstock rolls from foil, plastic wrap or parchment paper
3. Color and white paper
4. Patterned scrapbook paper 
5. Decorative clothes pins
6. Wooden skewers 
7. Big paper clips
8. Thick cardboard 
9. Decorative tape
10. Plastic top
11. Sponge 
12. Twine 
13. Black marker
14. Brush 
15. White glue
16. Hot glue gun
17. Ruler 
18. Pencil
19. Awl 
20. Scissors 
21. Craft knife
22. Wooden board