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6 DIY Flubber Soap Recipes

Today we’re going to make awesome flubber soap. You can feel the stress fading away while you knead the flubber soap also it produces nice lather. Every recipe we have shown today really works well. Make it for your friends, they’ll surely be delighted.


Supplies and tools:

• Gelatin

• Transparent shower gel

• White glue

• Clear stationery glue

• Food coloring

• Acrylic paints

• Shaving foam

• Water

• Boric acid solution

• Potato starch

• Cornstarch

• Essential oil

• Bath foam

• Contact lens solution

• Baking soda

• Hand or body cream 

• Borax

• Silicon molds

• Table- and tea- spoons

• Wooden stick

• Bowls, cups and jars for mixing